Competition 4 still | moving

pause | standstill | stagnation impulse | movement| change What moves us – what drives us? What lets us stand still? This section portrays the whole span between kinetics and stasis, between play and pause, between stopping and carrying on and the paradoxical cases when both happen at the same time.
Volksbad Jena

Film ist kein Bandeisen. Der Archivar

film still Film ist kein Bandeisen. Der Archivar
Documentary Germany
direction: Mias König

Every day we see moving images. But what are we doing with those moving pictures when they reach their final destination? An archivist shows his work in film.

Carpe Jugular

film still Carpe Jugular
Music Video Germany
direction: Kai Stänicke

A perfectly ordinary evening in a club. Women and men are flirting. Until the dance floor becomes a battlefield.

Have Sweet Dreams

film still Have Sweet Dreams
Fiction Romania
direction: Ciprian Suhar

A family in their everyday struggle to survive. When two sons discover a risky way out of the downward spiral they take a chance on a dangerous move…

Une souris verte

film still Une souris verte
Animation France
direction: Devos Morgan

Timburtonien – a chaotic country in black and white, its inhabitants: somewhere between a drug trip and madhouse. Even the turbulent life of a mouse can end as a snail.


film still Camouflage
Fiction Germany
direction: Stephan Kämpf & Andreas Kessle

Max and Christian: soldiers and friends. In a heated discussion two young men discover how hard it is to disguise themselves together in their own ranks.

Lausche nicht dem Wasser

film still Lausche nicht dem Wasser
Fiction Germany
direction: Jonas Hartung

A man, a boy – an island, a shark. And then…nothing? In a night that apparently stopped still, bizarre pictures with a dark past meet …

Moving Yerevan

film still Moving Yerevan
Experimental United Kingdom, Armenia
direction: Jevan Chowdhury

Yerevan –one of the oldest cities in the world. In this city that has been standing solidly for thousands of years, the people are constantly on the move.