Competition 5 Ordinary Madness

There are things that may seem normal and mundane to some of us but appear completely outlandish to others. Our world is full of oddities, some of them make us laugh, others may fill us with sadness, frustrate or enrage us. Join us and let’s take a look at this human madhouse called world!

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(Kleiner Saal)
(Großer Saal)
Volksbad Jena

Spell of the West

Spell of the West

film still Spell of the West
Animation USA
direction: Sam Lane

Who is ax-ting out in the woods? Environmentalism is everything for these guys – because it’s about their beloved home.



film still Bini
Fiction USA
direction: Erblin Nushi

Until now little Bini was all about getting these sweet candy bananas. And then all of a sudden everyone has to leave. But why though?

All Inclusive

All Inclusive

film still All Inclusive
Documentary Switzerland
direction: Corina Schwingruber Ilić

Welcome to paradise – on high sea. Voyeuristic insights in the surrealistic reality of mass entertainment. Consumerism has never been more captivating!

The Old Man and the Dead

پیرمرد و مرد مرده

film still The Old Man and the Dead
Fiction Iran
direction: Amir reza Falaki

An old man is playing with Death. Or is Death playing with him?

Horror Vacui

Horror Vacui

film still Horror Vacui
Experimental Great Britain
direction: Matteo Zamagni

By playing with animations and real shots the edges between nature and artifact are blurred. A visual reflection on human traces in the world.

40 Meter

40 Meters

film still 40 Meter
Documentary Switzerland
direction: Samuel Flückiger

How does it feel to run over a person? Kurt speaks up against the silence.

The Traffic Separating Device


film still The Traffic Separating Device
Documentary Sweden
direction: Johan Palmgren

Human error in planning and execution. A vicious traffic novelty in the heart of Stockholm is spreading delight.