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March 2021: Shorts Without A Word

Film was and is primarily a visual art form: This month we would like to celebrate exactly this aspect and present you eight selected short films that work completely without a spoken word. No words, no language barriers, no subtitles - just unleashed imagery, sometimes framed with music.

Squirrel Island

Direction: Astrid Goldsmith
UK 2016, 21 minutes


Something is rotten on the red squirrels' island: a stranded gray squirrel notices it very quickly when it discovers an underground laboratory used by vengeful red squirrels to breed mutated zombie acorns... Astrid Goldsmith worked on "Squirrel Island" in her garage for seven years: The result is an exciting sci-fi film with an ecological thriller touch.

La tour

Direction: René Clair
France 1928, 14 minutes


"A poem made out of pictures, that's what I tried to make. For my personal enjoyment, I shot "La Tour" in honor of this tall girl made of steel I've always been in love with" - says director René Clair about his short film. Clair made some of the most internationally famous and popular Paris films in the 1920s and 1930s.


Direction: Luke Losey
UK 2007, 2 minutes


Film is an art form of the gaze: the viewer's gaze at a subject. But in "i" the film and the main character look back at the audience - and thereby involves it all the more in an obviously unpleasant, if not extremely dangerous situation... A meditation on the nature of the gaze and at the same time a compressed and nasty horror movie.


Direction: Elbert Tuganov
Soviet Union 1975, 7 minutes


The 18th Estonian Song Festival in 1975 serves as a source of inspiration for a documentary that turns into resounding sketches of paintings. Elbert Tuganov, the father of the Estonian animation film, combines documentary recordings of Tallinn in the fever of the song festival, colorful paintings and expressive choral songs to create an audiovisual spiral of mutual inspiration.

Trumpet Man

Direction: Emily Wong
Hong Kong 2016, 14 minutes


"Trumpet Man" is a philosophical creation story and at the same time a harsh melodrama about abusive, violent relationships; a groovy dance and music film and an uncompromising horror picture in which bodies are dismembered and dissolved. A game of seduction, deception, joy and horror, told in an artful clay animation.


Direction: Wakefield Poole
USA 1971, 10 minutes


Marilyn Monroe, an electric chair, Elvis Presley, Campbell soups and of course Andy Warhol himself meet in Wakefield Poole's documentary about the Andy Warhol retrospective at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art, which took place in the spring of 1971. The film was a birthday present to Warhol, and was later shown as a supporting film for Poole's "Boys in the Sand".


Direction: Astrid Rieger
Germany 2007, 8 minutes


A boy's best friend is his mother - but sometimes thoughts wander off into distant dreams, where women become cats and lakes are transformed into giant stews... With her short movie "Mammal" and its extraordinary images, Astrid Rieger has created a surreal coming-of-age film about growing up and the relationship between son and mother.

Pas de deux

Direction: Norman McLaren
Norman McLaren 1968, 13 minutes


Two ballet dancers in white silhouette blur against a completely black background during their performance: With an elaborate lighting, individual analog film images copied on one another and an electronically processed Romanian panpipe score, the Canadian animation film pioneer Norman McLaren has created a masterpiece of poetic short film art.