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Discover a new selection of short films every month, which we select for you under changing mottos. Available free of charge and until the end of the month. Just click on the picture to watch the respective film.

May 2021: Hard Work

"I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours." We happily agree with this quote from the British author Jerome K. Jerome (even if, as a short film festival, the hours are broken down into shorter units). This month in the celluthèque we are presenting you short films dedicated to the world of work: the seven short films deal with the hardships, the joys, the humiliations, the poetry, the trivialities, the sensational and last but not least, the human aspect of work. In addition to documentaries, you will also find a fictional film and two classics of industrial films.

The Clinic

direction: Elivia Shaw

Dr. Marc Lasher is involved in the Fresno Needle Exchange program: every Saturday he works with other volunteers in a mobile clinic (a converted bus) and offers clean syringes, treatments and individual counseling to drug addicts. "The Clinic" follows the doctor and the helpers on one of their voluntary work Saturday.

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High Steel

direction: Don Owen

"High Steel" shows the stressful and dangerous everyday life of migrant workers from the Kahnawake Mohawk reservation in Québec, who work in New York in high-rise construction and erect skyscraper steel frames: dizzying views from the heights of Manhattan are contrasted with relaxing moments in the Canadian home.

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Great Britain
direction: Ian Robertson

When the call "Sheepo" is heard, it means that the shearer has only one animal left to shear. The film of the same name is not a classic documentary, but directed like a fast-paced action film: an audiovisual frenzy that makes the competition for the fastest shearing the protagonist tells about visible and tangible.

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Shake Hands With Danger

direction: Herk Harvey

Pain-contorted faces, mutilations, severed hands, explosions, deaths... No, "Shake Hands with Danger" is not a war film, but an educational film about occupational safety that the industrial film veteran (and horror film visionary) Herk Harvey made for the Caterpillar Company - and a western about dangers and survival techniques on the "frontier" called construction site.

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I Don't Make the Rules

direction: Law Chen

Stephen, a former football player, tries to switch to legal practice after an injury. But to get the coveted job in a law firm, he has to fight his way through arduous odd jobs... "I Don’t Make the Rules" is an empathic drama about the daily humiliation of everyday work - and about moral dilemmas an individual faces in an exploitative system.

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direction: Michelangelo Antonioni

N.U. stands for "nettzza urbana", street cleaning: the documentary of the same name portrays the work of Roman street sweepers. The view of the then still unknown Michelangelo Antonioni on the Italian capital's unglamorous side is very poetic and finds dignity, grace and humanity in this "low" work.

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direction: Bert Haanstra

On behalf of the "Royal Leerdam" glass factory, Bert Haanstra shot a half-hour corporate film in 1958 - and reassembled parts of the material in the 10-minute "Glass" along with a jazz score from the Pim Jacobs Quintet. The resulting film is poetic as well as funny and detailed. This first Dutch Oscar winner is now considered a masterpiece of industrial moviemaking.

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