Crime Shorts

Crime and punishment, cops and gangsters: the rules of the game in crime films are well known. It gets exciting when films play with these rules, conjure spectacular images and great emotions out of the familiar – or also reveal socio-political problems. Join us in several short films on a foray through many facets of a popular genre.

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Kino am Markt

Les misérables

film still Les misérables
Fiction France
direction: Ladj Ly

During a control tour through a Parisian "banlieue", a group of police officers commits an act of violence – and is filmed by a local resident. A race against time begins.

Mare Nostrum

film still Mare Nostrum
Fiction Greece
direction: Dimitris Anagnostou

Greece, in the 19th century: some travelers are looking for the beginnings of European civilization on a beach. More than 100 years later, a corpse washes up on this beach.

Huntsville Station

film still Huntsville Station
Documentary USA
direction: Jamie Meltzer & Chris Filippone

Every day, prisoners are released from Huntsville State Penitentiary. They spend their first moments of freedom at a bus station, between cigarettes, phone calls and quiet reflection.

Am Ende der Wald

film still Am Ende der Wald
Fiction Germany
direction: Felix Ahrens

During a routine check at the German-Czech border, a policewoman shoots a fleeing suspect in the heat of the moment. Plagued by guilt, she travels to the Czech Republic to visit the dead man's family.