Judge me if you can

Say it out loud! If you have been wondering how we select and rate films, join our event „Judge Me If You Can“. There you can not only watch the short films, but also discuss them with us. We promise a relaxing atmosphere with exciting films, inspiring talks and nice people. Admission is free, we would be grateful for a small donation.
(Haus auf der Mauer)
Haus auf der Mauer

The Party Manual

film still The Party Manual
Experimental Germany
direction: Alina Cyranek

A lot can go wrong at a party. How lucky you are if you can be warned and inspired by the experiences of others so that your own party will be a complete success.

Übergang – "Xbuk Alo?"

Transition – "Xbuk Alo?"

film still Übergang –
Documentary Switzerland
direction: Aron Marty, Andi Bänziger

At Manu's barber shop, professionalism encounters fun, young meets old, Standard and Swiss German gets mixed up with the Semitic languages Tigrinya and Amharic.

Re-Education of the Senses

film still Re-Education of the Senses
Experimental USA
direction: Erinn E. Hagerty & Adam Savje

An audiovisual poem made out of abstract, geometrical forms, analog 16mm film stock, digital post-production and an hypnotic synthie score.

La veuve Saverini

The Saverini Widow

film still La veuve Saverini
Fiction France
direction: Loïc Gaillard

Corsica, 1883: the widow Saverini works as a midwife and lives isolated with her dog. When her visiting son is murdered by bandits, she vows revenge.

Bolero Station

film still Bolero Station
Animation Switzerland
direction: Rolf Brönnimann

A stationmaster lives on one side of the tracks, a saleswoman on the other. They see each other every day, but only when death comes knocking do they both seize their chance to be together.