Short film programme at drive-in cinema Jena together with Autokino Jena

On Wednesday, the 24th of June, starting from 9 p.m., join our short film night at drive-in cinema Jena. You may drive in starting from 8 p.m. The address – the former POM-Arena, Jenzigweg 33, in Jena-Ost.

Seven films from different countries will be waiting for you – cheerful, bizarre, exciting and even somber. They will tell you about the animated environment, the dream travel with mopeds to Sardinia, the alpaca-aliens, marmots and a lot more!

Everything will be on a huge LED screen, the sound will be translated at radio frequency directly into your car.

The entrance costs 15€ per car. There will be popcorn, lemonade and snacks from the "Sportsbar am Markt". We are looking forward to a nice evening with you!

Some movies might not be suitable for under-age.

To provide you further with short film experience, we would need your financial support. We have launched a donation campaign and are grateful for every donation. Just klick the button below.

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(Autokino Jena, Jenzigweg 33)
Autokino Jena

My Recurring Dream

film still My Recurring Dream
Music Video Norway
direction: André Chocron

My Recurring Dream is a seamless journey through nine different dream landscapes.

2 Stoned – A Trip to the Sky

film still 2 Stoned – A Trip to the Sky
Fiction Germany
direction: Johannes Kürschner, Franz Müller

A long night, two dudes, two mopeds and too much oil in the blood leads to a stupid idea. They visualize a trip to Sardinia on 50ccm mopeds followed by the ascent of the hardest sport climbing summit of Italy. Let’s join a journey paired with chalk, beer, agony and pleasure.

Wild Love

film still Wild Love
Animation France
direction: Paul Autric, Quentin Camus et. al.

A romantic trip leads to the tragic demise of an uninvolved animal. A death that must be avenged!

Burqa City

film still Burqa City
Fiction France
direction: Fabrice Bracq

Souleymane comes back home with the wrong woman under the fullbody veil. Now how is he supposed to pick the right one out of the sea of burqas?


film still Wrapped
Animation Germany
direction: Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper, Florian Wittmann

Time-lapse recordings and 3D animation provide a view of nature that remains hidden in real time, showing how organisms depend on and depend on one another. A single change causes a chain reaction.


film still Aquarium
Fiction Italy
direction: Lorenzo Puntoni

Two different lives meet in the middle to decide who is going to win.


film still Pacalien
Animation Japan
direction: Toshiko Hata

Forget the little green men! This short film tells about the visit of an alpaca alien on earth and his shocking experience here. Just as absurd and funny as it sounds and absolutely worth seeing!