Diversity – a word that nowadays is especially used for advertising purposes, to present oneself as progressive and cosmopolitan. But what does that actually mean? The queer film world in particular, is still characterized by stereotypes and clichés: sensitive gay men with good fashion skills and lesbians who become the projection surface of male fantasies due to the sexualized representation. This simplification is not only offensive, it is also discriminatory and can be dangerous. We want to brighten the screen with more diversity and different perspectives by showing international, queer short films. We will focus on the genre “Short Documentary” to give queer voices and stories a voice. In addition, there will be a contribution by a member of the “queer-paradies” departement, a contact point for queer students of the FSU Jena.

The event is a cooperation between the cellu l'art and the Kulturschlachthof

Entry: 2 to 4 Euro (on a voluntary basis)

Pirate Boys

film still Pirate Boys
direction: Pol Merchan

A punky audio-visual portrait of Kathy Acker that follows the metamorphosis of a body.

Letter to my Mother

film still Letter to my Mother
direction: Amina Maher

Ein Brief an meine Mutter – Ein Brief über meine Kindheit und wer ich jetzt bin.

Ob Scene

film still Ob Scene
direction: Paloma Orlandini Castro

Academic texts on sexuality, written by a Cuban psychatrist in the 80s, makes us ask: How representative is porn nowadays?