Late Summer Cinema at the Kulturschlachthof Documentary Special "War Whispering"

Special planned for our festival – now shown in cooperation with the Kulturschlachthof Jena

Initially, we planned the programme "War Whispering" to be shown during the 21st International cellu l'art Short Film Festival in April 2020. Unfortunately, the festival had to be rescheduled like many other events (and we are still working for the festival to take place at an alternative date). We now are happy to present you part of our festival programme in cooperation with the Kulturschlachthof Jena.

About our Programme

War is not only a matter of front lines – the battles often prolong themselves into the living room. In the short films we are going to show you, the soft tones are more important than the big battles: they will be about the impact of armed conflicts which are not visible on a first glance. Five selected short documentaries will show the consequences of war on individual everyday life.

Venue & Admittance

Kulturschlachthof, Fritz-Winkler-Straße 2b, 07743 Jena
Barrier-free sanitary facilities and driveway to the premise are guaranteed.!
The projection will take place open-air: it might get cold in the evening, so we advice to take warm clothes or blankets. Stay at home if you suffer from typical Covid 19 symptoms or from cold symptoms! The local hygiene regulations apply.
Entry: 7.00 - 7.30 pm
Donation recommendation: 2-4 €

Note of Thanks

The cellu l'art thanks the Kulturschlachthof Jena for the cooperation.
We are also thank the Fonds Soziokultur Jena and the cultural department of the FSU Jena StuRa!

To finance film nights under the current circumstances, we would be glad about your support!

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The Boy from H2

film still The Boy from H2
direction: Helen Yanovsky

Childhood without space – Portrait of a boy who grows up in militarily controlled Hebron.

A Kiss, Deferred

film still A Kiss,  Deferred
direction: Moth Collective

Puberty under the guise of the Yugoslav War – Animated documentary about a reunion.

Chau, Beyond the Lines

film still Chau, Beyond the Lines
direction: Courtney Marsh

The story of Chau, who suffers from the aftermath of the Vietnam War and dreams to be an artist some day.

Our Song To War

film still Our Song To War
direction: Juanita Onzaga

Crocodile people and ghosts – memories of a massacre become mystical reality.

War and Cheese

film still War and Cheese
Great Britain
direction: Ben Garfield

One person's suffering is another's pleasure – The Russian sanctions establish a new existence.