Reiki Release

Come with us on a journey to discover Japan's Reiki, it’s life force energy. Gaze behind closed doors and into the depths of the forest. Where fantastic creatures meet erotic adventures and reveal Japan’s spirit.
(Blauer Saal)
Kino im Schillerhof

The Walking Fish

film still The Walking Fish
Fiction Japan
direction: Thessa Meijer

A fish walks alone with a very ambitious goal - to become a man. Will she ever accomplish it?

Homosocial Dancing

film still Homosocial Dancing
Experimental Japan
direction: Tsuyoshi Shoji

Approaching a girl in a male-dominated group leads to an escalation of the dance power.

Airy me (by Cuushe)

film still Airy me (by Cuushe)
Music Video false
direction: Kuno Yoko

The music video tells a terrifying story, accompanied by paradoxically calm melodies.


film still Aramaki
Fiction Japan
direction: Isamu Hirabayashi

Away from everyday bustle it‘s possible to get lost sometimes. But watch out, or the animal in you might take over.

The Sexual Fish

film still The Sexual Fish
Animation Japan
direction: Dino Sato

It is the house of pleasure for fish that forgot to breed.

Grand Bouquet

film still Grand Bouquet
Experimental Japan
direction: Nao Yoshigai

A helpless woman confronts “a black object” with a power greater than hers.


film still Pacalien
Animation Japan
direction: Toshiko Hata

An alien-alpaca is visiting earth. Unfortunately it makes contact with a bloodthirsty, masked murderer.