Treadmill Tokyo

How do you find yourself in the lasting conflict of heritage and future? You can meet with this question in Japan daily. Here you can live between tradition and progress, between metropolises and untouched nature. Here the time‘s capable of standing still while it‘s constantly slipping through your fingers.
(Blauer Saal)
Kino im Schillerhof


film still Matou
Experimental Japan
direction: Isamu Hirabayashi

In a white room we see life passing in front of our eyes in reversed order.

Beard and Raincoat

film still Beard and Raincoat
Fiction Japan
direction: Kimi Yawata

Her boyfriend doesn't have a beard - unlike his elder brother. A discovery story of one's own sexual preferences and fetishes.


film still Dialogue
Fiction Japan
direction: Yuka Sato

A social recluse returns to the modern, urbane life of Japan. Against the never sleeping, restless backdrop she relates her inner experiences.

Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight

film still Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight
Animation false
direction: Sawato Kabuki

Driven by rhythm and the wish for attractivity one will tend to unhealthy methods.

Tezutsu - Fire Flower Town

film still Tezutsu - Fire Flower Town
Documentary false
direction: Tatsuya Ino

Traditions are highly valued in Japan. In Aichi they’re trying to pass on the traditional making of Tezutsu fireworks to the youth.


film still Signature
Fiction Japan
direction: Kei Chikaura

A Chinese man with earplugs and a smartphone is paving his way through Tokyo. Though he has a clear destination he seems as lost as possible.


film still Kitsuné
Experimental Japan
direction: Jeremy Rubier

A look into the mind of the Tokyo-based photographer Yulia Shur. A place where the edge between reality and imagination is erased or never existed.


film still Echo
Fiction Japan
direction: Thunder Sawada

A woman awakes alone in the woods without a clue of what had happened to her.

Laughing Spider

film still Laughing Spider
Animation Japan
direction: Keiichi Tanaami

The early childhood memory of aerial attacks leaves a lasting impression, with strong stimulus and disquiet.