For the eccentrics, the maladjusted, the unpredictable, it's sometimes hard to find a place in this (film) world. The B-Sides offers them a cozy retreat, where they can unfold their hidden beauty and poetry in front of an audience with acquired tastes.

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Available from December 18th 2020, 4 p.m., until December 21st 2020, 11.59 p.m.

Spregledani razgledi

Phoney Sights

film still Spregledani razgledi
Experimental Slovenia
direction: Ana Čigon

Street sweepers in Ljubljana, European railway stations and the rests of the Antarctica melt into a swirling maelstrom of flowing images and associative thoughts.

Tithonos & die Göttin der Morgenröte

Tithonos & the Goddess of Dawn

film still Tithonos & die Göttin der Morgenröte
Animation Germany
direction: Jörg Weidner

Cursed love between Greek gods and warriors: an erotic clay animation about desire, submission and decaying bodies.

Notre territoire

Our Territory

film still Notre territoire
Documentary Belgium
direction: Mathieu Volpe

Individually portraying the residents from a provisional settlement for seasonal workers – in empathic and intimate photo stills.

Mary Mary, So Contrary

film still Mary Mary, So Contrary
Experimental Singapore
direction: Nelson Yeo

Mai Li dreams of being the train passenger Mary, who loses herself in her co-passengers’ dreams. Or was it Mai Li’s sheep dreaming of being Mai Li?

Re-Education of the Senses

film still Re-Education of the Senses
Animation USA
direction: Erinn E. Hagerty & Adam Savje

An audiovisual poem made out of abstract, geometrical forms, analog 16mm film stock, digital post-production and an hypnotic synthie score.