Apart from our competition films and our Country in Focus program, we present you a great variety of special programs with a wide range of themes and genres:

Nature Sapiens | A look at the coexistence of humankind and nature in the 21st century

War Whisperings | A documentary program about the quiet sides of armed conflicts

Young Protest then and now | Youth resistance in Jena during the 1980ies and now. Films by and conversation with Peter Wensierski and Jugend gegen Rechts Jena

Guest Program: Khorshid Film Festival | The Iranian film festival invited to Jena with highlights of experimental cinema

QueeRealities | Short films about queer lives

Man spricht deutsch | Whether in the factory hall, in the cemetery or on the toilet: German is spoken throughout this program

We’ll See Tomorrow: Sci-Fi & Dystopia | Tender robots, raw buildings and heavy metal from a not too distant

Sonic Voyages | A program for adventurous audiophiles

Jena Special | The Light City and its movies and filmmakers

B-Sides | The niche program for exceptional and unique films