Festival Opening

Finally, another short film festival edition in Jena! This 23rd cellu l'art, we'll start in our brand new location, the TRAFO, and invite you there for drinks and short films.

Admission is free, donations are welcome
(TRAFO, Nollendorfer Str. 30)

The Handyman

film still The Handyman
Fiction Australia
direction: Nicholas Clifford

Alone in her home, Evelyn attempts to end her life, however is interrupted by the arrival of an awkward but lovable handyman.

Ruby & Roach

film still Ruby & Roach
Animation South Africa
direction: Erentia Bedeker

Two sale toys, cruelly rejected by the buying public because they are different… plan a daring escape and end up somewhere unexpected… and quite wonderful.

How to Disappear

film still How to Disappear
Animation Austria
direction: Leonard Müllner, Michael Stumpf, Robin Klengel

Going AWOL in an online first-person shooter environment. Can you even do that? Exploring the idea within a game conceived as a recruitment tool, the Film reflects on the connection between war and play, as well as discipline and disobedience.

Coldplay: Up & Up

film still Coldplay: Up & Up
Music Video USA, Ukraine
direction: Vania Heymann, Gal Muggia

Coldplay describes the video as a "poignant, surrealist montage which alludes to contemporary issues." It takes the band to different landscapes and locations like Croatia's mountain Biokovo.

Nuisance Bear

film still Nuisance Bear
Documentary Canada, USA
direction: Gabriela Osio Vanden, Jack Weisman

Set in Churchill, Manitoba, a famous destination for photographing polar bears, through a shift in perspective, Nuisance Bear reveals an obstacle course of tourist paparazzi and wildlife officers whom the bears must navigate during their annual migration.



film still Nael
Animation Estonia
direction: Heino Pars

An abstract romantic ballet, impactful encounters, relationship problems as well as a circus performance – four variations on the pliant “nail”. Readable as political metaphor.


film still Tsutsué
Fiction France, Ghana
direction: Amartei Armar

In a small Ghanaian coastal town on the edge of a massive landfill site, Sowah and Okai struggle with the loss of their eldest brother. Haunted by his death, Okai believes the brother is still out there at sea.


film still Zoon
Animation Germany
direction: Jonatan Schwenk

A two-legged forest dweller encounters a lovestruck group of small shimmering creatures in the forest. He and his companions snack on the little creatures and a heady feast begins.