F**ck Capitalism

Exploitation, consumption, prosperity, and neoliberalism: short films illustrate various aspects of capitalism, followed by a panel discussion that raises the question, "How do we want to live?" The discourse on the weaknesses of capitalism is present in today's society, but the solutions often remain elusive. Accordingly, in our event, we want to focus on alternatives to the current system. Join this exciting debate and bring in your ideas!
(Kino am Markt, Markt 5, cinema 1)

Gone Sale

film still Gone Sale
Experimental USA
direction: Matt Meindl

Enchanting yet unsettling voices from mall loudspeakers and vibrant close-ups of stores. An American way of life that has conquered the world.

Selected Milk Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized

film still Selected Milk Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized
Experimental Spain
direction: Alfonso Camarero & Jose Luis Ducid

Get ready to question capitalism with "Selected Milk..." - a short film that takes you on a journey through the eyes of a potential milk carton salesman who doesn't meet the job's requirements.

Neon Phantom

film still Neon Phantom
Fiction Brazil
direction: Leonardo Martinelli

Albeit dressed in neon, we often forget the harsh reality of food delivery workers who endure daily struggles just for our luxury of delivered meals. Forced to farewell hopeful dreams, we accompany the bitter feeling of the daily hustle of survival, paralleling the stark contrast between fantasy and reality.

Notre Territoire

Our territory

film still Notre Territoire
Documentary Belgium
direction: Mathieu Volpe

Lost in the heart of an Italian slum lies a secret that has long been kept silent, until one photographer ventured in and discovered a community of African migrants living in undignified conditions during the tomato harvest season. With determination and empathy, he spent one and a half months living alongside them, capturing their stories and revealing the humanity behind the misery.