Female Gaze(s)

Female Gaze(s) – the titular female gazes of this short film program are those of women sitting in the director's chair. Their camera eye is directed at eroticism, sexuality, lust and desire – beyond the common clichés of the (predominantly male) mainstream. A pleasurable film evening that addresses the intellect and abdomen of all genders in equal measure.
(Kino am Markt, Markt 5, cinema 1)
Kino am Markt

Marcy Learns Something New

film still Marcy Learns Something New
Fiction USA
direction: Julia Kennelly

Widowed history teacher Marcy tries to bring variety into her stagnant life with various gymnastics classes. It is a BDSM course that brings the turnaround.


film still Manivald
Animation Canada, Croatia, Estonia
direction: Chintis Lundgren

Manivald, in his early 30s, an academic, unemployed, still lives with his mother. When the washing machine goes on strike, an attractive handyman puts the appliance back in order – and brings chaos in the hormonal household.

Tage im August

Days in August

film still Tage im August
Fiction Germany
direction: Helena Herb

Two girlfriends and the father of one of the girls travel to the mountains for a recreational weekend. Sexual tensions lurk beneath the superficial harmony.


The Cutter

film still Freza
Fiction Russia
direction: Anna Melnikova

The manicurist Sascha spends a night with her mysterious neighbor and her boyfriend. A deadly obsession grows out of Sasha's fascination.


film still Daniel
Fiction New Zealand
direction: Claire van Beek

The novice Joan will soon be a nun. The encounter with a neighbor (and his pet lizard) awakens in her doubts about her vocation as well as desires unknown to her until now.