Film & Science

Knowledge dissemination, research and fictionalization: The short film program explores the intersections of film and science, accompanied by an Art&Science exhibition at the TRAFO.
(TRAFO, Nollendorfer Str. 30)


film still Haulout
Documentary Great Britain, Russia
direction: Evgenia Arbugaeva, Maxim Arbugaev

In the Siberian Arctic inhabited by wonderful but endangered creatures, a lone scientist is selflessly conducting his research.


The Hare

film still Jänes
Animation Estonia
direction: Ando Keskküla

Natural and man-made, flesh and metal, brain and binary signals: an intruder hare gets in a lab and sets a robot dog free.

Shapes and Sizes, Storms and Smoke

film still Shapes and Sizes, Storms and Smoke
Experimental Germany
direction: Felix Dierich

An observational data from a meteorological satellite + original soundtrack + filmmaker’s talent = artful short film about the chaos in our world.

Beast Science

film still Beast Science
Experimental Germany
direction: Claus Schöning Lam Yong

Claus Schöning Lam Yong holds a degree in biochemistry and Fine Arts and shows how artistic and deep the scientific routine can be. The film was made at the Electron Microscopy Center of the University of Jena (EMZ).

das Zentrifugen-Gehirn-Projekt

The Centrifuge Brain Project

film still das Zentrifugen-Gehirn-Projekt
Mockumentary Germany
direction: Till Nowak

Dr. Nick Laslowicz of the Institute for Centrifugal Research has been experimenting with crazy carnival rides for forty years. He wants to study their effects on the human brain.


film still Ieva
Fiction Lithuania
direction: Domas Petronis, Vytautas Plukas

Ieva trains motor skills and interactions with animals in the lab to prepare for her big day: will she find a way out of the "uncanny valley"?