German Is Spoken Here

Whether in a Swabian factory hall, in Vienna, on a graveyard, in a manor house, or on a toilet in a Berlin nightclub: German is spoken throughout all of the films here. This language succeeds in eliminating trouble – or creating it in the first place.

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Available from December 18th 2020, 4 p.m., until December 21st 2020, 11.59 p.m.

Hilpert und Macao

Hilpert and Macao

film still Hilpert und Macao
Fiction Germany
direction: Sören Witzel

A bourgeois painter and his hip companion conspire against the law of copyright.

So hell die Nacht

As Bright As Night

film still So hell die Nacht
Documentary Germany
direction: Julius Schmitt

When most people close their eyes, the alarm clocks of others ring. Night workers – from dusk till dawn.


Doing Big Jobs

film still Grossmachen
Fiction Germany
direction: Johannes Huth

Suffering from horrible indigestion, a lady dashes into the toilet of a club in Berlin. But before she can relieve herself, a young couple in the next cubicle starts a fight. A story about love, jealousy and a bit of cocaine.

Gazes From Beyond the Grave

film still Gazes From Beyond the Grave
Experimental Great Britain
direction: Susanne Dietz

Cemeteries are large, and finding a certain grave can sometimes be a challenge – especially when it is your own.

Die Schwingen des Geistes

Wings of the Spirit

film still Die Schwingen des Geistes
Fiction Austria
direction: Albert Meisl

Szabo, a failed and slightly frustrated musicologist, is a house- and dog-sitter for the wealthy upper crust in Vienna. When a client’s rare parrot escapes through an open window, Szabo and his somewhat underappreciated co-worker Herr Fitzthum must think of a plan.