My Skin, My World

The skin is the largest organ of the human being and embraces so many different forms, shapes and characteristics as the people themselves. It is the coat of our bodies and witnesses every struggle and memory that we experience. My skin, my world.
(Kino am Markt – room 2)


film still Sunless
Experimental Romania
direction: Corina Andrian

Let’s turn the world upside down and marvel the human skin and body in a way we never have before.

Trübes Wasser

Troubled Water

film still Trübes Wasser
Animation Germany
direction: Elena Wiener

My skin is a nightmare – a struggle that never ends.


film still Skin
Fiction USA
direction: Guy Nattiv

Our daily adventures influence our skin and our skin influences our experiences – even the bad ones.

Ma planète

My Planet

film still Ma planète
Fiction Belgium
direction: Valéry Carnoy

The Skin covers our bodies in every shape that it takes: it is our very own planet.

Essentiel – A Portrait

film still Essentiel – A Portrait
Documentary Germany
direction: Jonas Erler, Marian Röder

I carry my skin as the piece of art that it is.