Environmental pollution, unsustainable production, climate change, shortage of drinking water – the problem is already recognized, but not solved so far. Nevertheless, there are quite a few initiatives and people who have accepted the challenge and are making the world better right now – they are the heroes of this programme.
(Schillerhof – red room)

Nature: All Rights Reserved

film still Nature: All Rights Reserved
Experimental Netherlands
direction: Sebastian Mulder

It is impossible to live without nature. When there is no room for plants and animals in the jungles made of glass and concrete, all one has to do is fake them.

Moving the Giants

film still Moving the Giants
Documentary USA
direction: Michael Ramsey

The problem: the gigantic redwoods of the Southern USA are suffering from climate change. The solution: just move them northwards. It is as crazy as it sounds.

My Strange Grandfather

film still My Strange Grandfather
Animation Russia
direction: Dina Velikovskaya

Recycling is not only about colored containers, especially when you have a bit strange but very creative grandfather.

The River is Me

film still The River is Me
Documentary New Zealand
direction: David Freid

In a modern society it seems normal to claim that a river belongs to men. This case from New Zealand shows a very different approach.


The Heart Followers

film still Hjertefølgerne
Documentary Norway
direction: Tord Theodor Olsen

A climate-neutral lifestyle in the very north of Norway is pretty possible – all you need is some time, enormous love to nature and a certain creativity.


film still Haiku
Experimental Germany
direction: Martin Gerigk

Humans, mathematics, Japanese culture and nature fuse together in this very poetic and spectacular essay.