Competition 5: Dance of Seduction

If the desire is aroused even shortly, the dance begins: a meditative waltz on the Danube, a few loosely improvised jazz steps or lascivious abdominal movements to the chanson – in a dizzying vortex of lust and death drive, the cinema screen will be asked to dance five times.
(Schillerhof – red room)
(Schillerhof – blue room)

Het appelhuis

Midnight Jazz

film still Het appelhuis
Fiction Belgium, Netherlands
direction: Jules Mathôt

A mysterious man on the run finds himself in a remote house at night – and falls into a vortex of bright colors and groovy jazz sounds.

Serial Parallels

film still Serial Parallels
Experimental Hong Kong
direction: Max Hattler

The city of Hong Kong and its characteristic house facades are transformed into a moving series of parallel strips with the help of animation.

Bullets of Baptism

film still Bullets of Baptism
Fiction Iran
direction: Zivar Hojati

A tormented man commits suicide – several times, again and again, until he gradually transforms into a completely different individual.

Plava granica

Blue Frontier

film still Plava granica
Documentary Serbia
direction: Ivan Milosavljević

A deep river, an elderly, patient gentleman and a mystical fish: perfect ingredients for a meditative journey without ending, but with many side paths.


The Cutter

film still Freza
Fiction Russia
direction: Anna Melnikova

The manicurist Sascha spends a night with her mysterious neighbor and her boyfriend. A deadly obsession grows out of Sasha's fascination.