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Hey there! Welcome to the cellu l'art website! Let us introduce the cellu l'art and show you how rich and various the short films are.

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What are your first associations to the words "short film"? If you're thinking just of cartoon, music clip or commercial, cellu l'art is hurrying up to help you and show you much more. There is the whole world of short films over there, they are of very different types, genres and forms, from documentary to horror and from comedy to drama. We prepared quite a few nice examples below, so you can discover them for you.

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Do you find the springboard dives spectacular? There's more to it. Watch the swedish documentary "Hopptornet" ("Ten Meter Tower") by Maximilien van Aertryck and Axel Danielson to see how the visitors of a swimming pool gather courage to dive.



"The Smiling Man" by A.J. Briones is a great and classic american horror film about a girl who meets the Evil.



That is probably one of the most beloved films in our team! "Catherine" by the belgian filmmaker Britt Raes won the ExAnDo Award at the Festival-2018. The animation tells us the story of a little girl Catherine who is looking for a perfect pet.

Music video!


The Russian rave band "Little big" has got quite a fame with their music clips. Here you can watch one of their first videos, "Lolly Bomb", a very touching love story of the Kim Jong-un and the atomic bomb.



"Mon dernier été" ("My Last Summer") by Claude Demers from Canada presents us the 11-years-old Tom, who meets Edith, and her secrets forever change the life of the little man.



"A Year Along the Geostationary Orbit" by Felix Dierich from Germany shows one year of our life from a very unusual perspective.



Surely, commercials are short films, too. You might already know all these crazy commercial clips, so we're not showing you one here. Instead, here is a magnificent social clip about the equality, respect, tolerance and life together from the danish tv channel TV2



In the Turkish comedy "Parting Shot" by Özgür Cem Aksoy, a group of people come together for a very sad occasion, namely a funeral. When one of the present persons accidentally throws his cell phone into the grave, things get unexpectedly loosened up.

Want it all together!


"The Pub", a british piece by Joseph Pierce, is a great example of how many-sided just one short film can be. Even a genre is already confusing: it's experimental animation with elements of drama and mockumentary. All together they show a very ordinary day of one of the London's pubs.

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We are an association of volunteers loving the cinema. For more than 20 years we organize the annual cellu l’art Short Film Festival in Jena. The short films from all over the World that we show at the Festival try to bring the audience to the open and critical dialogue about modern challenges of the society. The screenings, workshops, parties and open airs will give you short experience to remember for a long time. Besides the Festival we organize the whole year round thematic screenings in Jena and the neighbourhood. The topics are very different - so everybody may find something for them.