Queer Icons

Provocative and exhibitionist short films focus on queer lifestyles that are often overlooked in the heteronormative film industry.
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film still Poison
Documentary Belgium
direction: Louve Dubuc Babinet

"Poison" portrays a porn actress and performance artist who expresses herself outside of a patriarchal work system and empowers herself by unleashing her fears, doubts, and anger on stage.

El jardín de los faunos

The Garden of Fauns

film still El jardín de los faunos
Documentary Germany, Spain
direction: Pol Merchan

"The Garden of the Fauns" is an intimate portrayal of Nazario Luque, a queer artist and author of the first gay underground comic strips in Spain. The film depicts his life and work, in which he dedicated himself to love and freedom and strengthened queer culture in post-dictatorship Spain.

Un Día de Amor

One Day for Eternity

film still Un Día de Amor
Fiction Venezuela
direction: Ricardo González

"One Day for Eternity" beautifully and extensively portrays the sensuality of 'older' bodies and playfully highlights new and old love through editing.


film still Nullo
Documentary Germany
direction: Jan Soldat

"Nullo" is focused on the protagonist Norbert, who is naked and wears a penis tattoo instead of his actual penis. He talks about his queer journey and his penis dysmorphia and how he decided to remove it.