Call for entries-2020


You know what they say, thatch your roof before the rain begins. In our case the rain is the next short film festival that will be in Jena in April 2020. And the roof to thatch is obviously the short films we are going to select for you. With that philosophical bit we just wanted to remind you that the call for entries for the next festival is now on. Till the 31st July you can submit your film on filmfreeway with a token fee of $3. Later - more! So hurry up!

Got room for a filmmaker?


Dear friends of cellu l'art,

cellu l'art is eagerly awaiting international guests who want to present their films to the public in Jena. And they need room to sleep somewhere! Are you welcoming and have a spare room for filmmakers? Then send an email at and tell us something about yourself, your home, previous experiences with cellu l'art as well as the period in which a filmmaker could stay at your place.

We have free tickets for all of the generous hosts, so that they can enjoy all events of the 20th cellu l'art Short Film Festival in Jena!

Open Meeting

If you want to become a member of the cellu l'art or just want to get a glimpse behind the scenes of our association and the festival, you are more than welcome to join our open meeting. In good company, we want to get to know each other and explain to you, who we are and what we're actually doing.

We're looking forward to meeting you.

October 22nd; 7pm; Haus auf der Mauer